The magic pencil

But Alex didnt know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeaed… He picked up the pencil and got telepored to sea. He went looking for the pencil but he cunden fand it… He fand the pencil so he tuched it agen. He ended up in spaic on the moon. He was mesing with a aling that he fand. He tuched th pencil and he telepored to his home. The pencil brok.



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the magic pencil

alix did,t now what lay in store the magic pencil appeared but the old people like it there happy.but alix is not happy he picked the pencil up and he teleported to spain and he said wow this is awsome place ho i fand a park over there i am going to play on the play ground on the swing the green swing

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the magic pencil

one day in slumberton a  boynamed alex whent on the front and he found a pencil and he

tochd it  and   tellaported to micraft   and  he said wow mincraft so he wonded around  mincraft and hegot hungry  and he found some barck so he eate it  and he spat it out becase it taset discustin and  he found some pizza and it looket perfectly good  to eat

































































































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the magic pencil

But Alex didn’t know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared. Alex picked up the pencil and he got teleported to a magical world of…pencils! When he got there he thought about what he saw he saw alot of flying pencils. he walked to the right an there was a massive Temple he went in the Temple and there was a huge!…

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The magic pencil.

Alex found a magic pencil  on the floor. Alex didn’t now what the pencil was for so a few days late she started to draw and she drew a slide and she herd some banging . A few hours later there was still a nosie so she looked out her window but something was rong she looked down in her garden thre was a slide but she didn’t have a slide she went out side to play it was so fun. She said to her mum about the pencil  but her mum   did not believe  her  alex went back up to her room  and draw a friend  called poppy they went on lots of adventures then alex draw a mansion a nd some more things but there is to many bt alex lived with love.

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The Magic Pencil

…But Alex didn’t know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared.Alex saw the magic pencil up but he didn’t kbnow it was magic.So he picked it up and it took him to anothor land.He got there and started to explore.He said to himself I a’m haveing a great adventure.It was that hot he got sun burn.Then he came across a dangeors cave.So Alex started to run…….

He came across an hot girl.He said hi my name is Alex what’s your name.My name is Keenan hi.Keenan said do you to the ocearl perl.

By Serphia Griffiths

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The Magic Pencil

But Alex didnt know what lay in store when the magic pencil appeared…


she jurd a pich of a boy.Wive the boy and fey or fres.

Les juar a dog.I am cod.Les yus the… PENCIL a machn of …Golld.And a oid man.





By 17 keenan

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Rio the blogging dog- star of the week

Me and rio had lots of fun. On Monday we went to have a picnic at the park. My little brother Jake loves Rio so much that he doesn’t want him to go back to school.Jake was crying his eyes out.

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Star Work of the Week- Aimee

One dreadful day in 1944, I was evacuated from London. I knocked on the door saying, “Mum, why do I have to get on a train?” Mum didn’t answer. So I looked out the window. I observed the outside world. I saw big bombs being dropped on buildings. I was astonished to see fire everywhere. It was terrible. I was speechless. I know what I saw, I saw war.


“Get out the house” shouted Mum.  “There dropping bombs!”. I ran and ran and ran. I was escorted onto a huge red and black steam train. It would take me to the countryside. I didn’t want to go!!! I had to wait 8 hours and 7 minutes. When I got off the train, this strange, tall lady said “Come with me”.

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Star Work of the Week- Keenan

One lame day in London I got evacuated. I went on a train with people in my school. I had to live with Mr Tom Oakley. Miss said “He is yours ok?, his name is William”.

“Come in then” said Mr Tom. “I am going somewhere for a while will you be ok by yourself?”

“Yes” I said. I went to church. I saw a dog. I said “I am going to kill you!”.

“No!” said Mr Tom.

I thought he was going to hit me. I had dinner I was full I thought I was in trouble… but I wasn’t.


I went to school and met a boy called Zack. He helped me with my work. Zack is my best friend.


A few days later I was having breakfast with the radio on. My friend Zack went to London and I heard there was a lot of bombs and me and Mr Tom were sad.

“No no no I knew he was dead”. I went to school but I couldn’t go because I was upset. I shouted at God.

“I hate God, I hate you!”

I went home there was a teacher. I knew it was about Zack. They said “Are you ok are you ok?” I wet the bed that night.

I went and saw a memory of Zack on his bike in a puddle. Mr Tom is now my Dad. Yes, yes we lived happily ever after. I love you Mr Tom, I mean Dad. I love you.

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